Buy With Thrills is a thrilling, simple new concept, there is nothing quite like it. We bring Thrills to the shopping experience and excite with massive discounts. Participating in an BWT event gives you up to 30% Discount and if you don’t qualify you can buy the product for a Reduced Price. Try it out now.
Still not sure how it works? Watch a video here

There are 3 prices in BWT :

  1. Normal price – Buy now, Free delivery within 1-3 days.
  2. BWT price – Buy with massive discounts after qualifying in an event
  3. Reduced price– If not qualifying in the event, you can buy it straight away with a discount.

We bring ’Thrills’ to the shopping experience and excite with great discounts. Would you like to buy a Samsung Phone or an iPhone with a 25% Discount?

Here is how you can:

  1. Register and Sign up

    REGISTER as a BuyWithThrills member HERE and NOW. It’’s FREE

  2. Buy or Play

    SEARCH for your product, BUY NOW or PLAY AN EVENT. Pay into your account by PayPal or Visa

  3. Buy With Thrills

    Or pay a deposit and a sum with "Thrills", bought or accumulated.
    PLAY the event and if you win, buy your chosen product at the ’’BWT Price. If you do not win, buy the item straightaway at the ’’DISCOUNTED Price’’, 9-10% ( Normal Price - The Thrills paid)
    Remember to TRY AGAIN if you do not win - you keep your deposit.


BWT offer a totally new experience:

  • Participate in BWT events to qualify for massive discounts.
  • Or Buy at the normal price with Free Delivery.
  • Participate in unique marketing events and earn ’Thrills’. The Buy With Thrills points
  • IT IS RISK FREE WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Please see our info and video for more details.
  • Watch a Video describing  how it works here.

As a member you are given or buy ’Thrills’ and you can also accumulate points,’Thrills’, by participating in both on-line and off-line events from our partners.

Our partners are signing up all the time and they are online retailers and the very popular, traditional High Street shops. You might wish to take an online quote for example, for car insurance from our third party partners too.

Watch out for these special opportunities and sign up for our NEWSLETTER.

What are you waiting for? Join the fun, spread the word and sign up for free to become a thrilled member. Still have questions? see our FAQ here.

PS This site is phase 1, a Beta site and not yet fully-functioning, but please sign up and we will alert you to our rapid progress. Be one of the first to be thrilled.
As we grow we will offer even more product, partners and discounts.

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See testimonials about the Buy With Thrills concept.

Buy With Thrills is planned to launch with full functionality by the 1st January 2015, but you can still become a member now and enjoy the benefits as we develop.

We also plan to introduce a new type of “edutainment”. Games that educate and reward. Available on all platforms. CONTACT US for any questions.

Buy With Thrills – We reward loyalty with Excitement.

1) You always keep the initial cash deposit and can participate again. If you received the Thrills from us. it’s a gift.



BWT are introducing a new and unique concept in commerce and marketing. We are a start up and need to attract members to our site and use low prices as part of our marketing. We are also a multi-channel buyer of large quantities and have no own stock, which means low overhead costs. We buy from:

Wholesale Stock
Marketing Partners
Sale Partners

An event is a quizz or game on any platform, PC or Mobile device, that you need to win to qualify to buy the product. You can participate in an event as many time you want. The first BWT Event is always free, then you pay a small amount of  points (Thrills). Thrills can be acquired or paid for in cash, crypto or be given to you by our Partners (Phase 3)

You can only pay partly with Bitcoins, making each sale traceable for juridical and tax reasons.

In Phase 1: By becoming a member and buy them. In Phase 2: By participating in our Marketing Partners events, buying from our Sales partners using Crypto or cash, Introducing new members, or contribute in the Buy With Thrills community or being active in our marketing campaigns.

No, it is neither. You will always buy your product, but may have to wait a bit longer.

No, a Penny Auction is theoretically a never ending auction since there is always a chance for a new participant to enter. A BWT event always has a fixed number of participants, normally 8-20.

Buy With Thrills as a concept complies with EU regulations.

30 Money Back Guarantee.

Free delivery if not otherwise stated.

Buy With Thrills™ and Thrills™ are registred Trademarks of Buy With Thrills Ltd®. Patent pending


Delivery to UK only!