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BWT Rewards Loyalty With Excitement.

Participate in our Loyalty Program. Earn ‘Thrills’ (our points) from our Partners. For every £1 you spend or interact with our Partners you will receive ‘Thrills’. Thrills will normally be paid within 15-30 days after the transaction is fully processed.

EXAMPLE: Earn Thrills by interacting with our partners. Earn a percentage for every purchase or as described in each ad. Find the offer you like and click for more information

Partner Company: Lidl,
Earnings:  40% per purchase, ie. if you buy for £100 you recieve 40 Thrills. Note: Only purchases or interactions made through BWT's links are valid.





 Experian Ads


Partner Company: Experian
Earnings:   30 Thrills when trying for free for 30 days



 StartJoin Ads


Partner Company: StartJOIN- Crowdfunding
Offer: Join The Crowdfunding Revolution



Travel safely for a fixed price. Mighty Minicabs 24/7. Up to 65% cheaper than a black cab.

With over 70 providers and 5,000 cabs in London Kabbee always has a cab around the corner. Earn miles to enjoy credits, upgrades and other treats.Use the voucher Code PARTY10 to get £10 off your first cab journey with Kabbee

Partner Company: Kabbee
Earnings:   30 Thrills per booking



 HP Ad


Partner Company: HP, Hewlett-Packard
Earnings:   20% of Purchases
Use code Spring15 for a 15% rebate



 Experian Ads


Partner Company: 123-reg.co.uk
Earnings:   20-100% of purchase



 Experian Ads


Partner Company: Contiki
Earnings:  20% of purchases



BWT is giving away Thrills! Give your friend 30 Thrills (£3 value) and earn 30 for every referral in our Referral Program. Get 10 Thrills by signing up today



Partner Company: Green Man Gaming
Earnings:  30% on all New User Purchases and 15% on Returning User Purchases



Partner Company: Picanova GmbH
Earnings:   100% of all purchases






Partner Company: HomeAway.co.uk
Earnings:   200 Thrills per booking


Partner Company: Insure Learner Driver
Earnings:   40 Thrills per Purchase



 Fiverr ebook Ads


Partner Company: COREYVF
Earnings:   60 Thrills per Purchase






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