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The Buy With Thrills team are delighted to bring this Phase One site to you, an innovative and ‘disruptive’ concept in commerce and marketing – to bring fun, excitement and anticipation to the often boring, mundane task of online shopping. We embrace Bitcoins, Gamification of services, mobile technology and apps.

Our intention is to attract millions of members around the globe so that everyone can have the opportunity to buy at an often unbelievable discount… and be thrilled in the process.


This site uses just part of the Buy With Thrills business model – a disruptive innovation in commerce and marketing, offering a risk- free additional sales and marketing channel for merchants. The concept brings an innovative approach to incentivising consumer sales and marketing. It builds on recent trends in digital currency, mobile apps, Social Media, Gamification, Big Data use, loyalty program and deal-based e-commerce.

The Buy With Thrills concept benefit small to medium businesses in the retail industry, both on- and offline. For more info click here.


BWT is extremely proud of the following achievements and the recognition from media and several institutions.
Finalist in StartUp.UK’s competition “Best StartUp 2017”
Finalist in  IBM’s “WatsonChallenge.” Four of the finalists were in retail and marketing. IBM invested directly in one of those.
StartUp.UK is UK’s leading independent, online resource for anyone starting and growing a business. Motto: “Nothing is more powerful than a perfectly timed idea” and the timing is perfect.


IBM’s “WatsonChallenge.” was an IBM initiative to promote use of AI in new business areas . Ecommerce was a big sector.


Featured in:

Silicon Republic: “10 Brilliant Startups in Bournemouth”



“As a small retailer with just 5 physical stores and an e-commerce site, getting seen by my customers and convincing them to buy from us is without doubt the biggest challenge we face…Buy With Thrills seems to offer a ‘risk free’ alternative to traditional & online forms of marketing for exposure and footfall. If I understand the concept correctly it is also an equally innovative way to get my products talked about and sold in the marketplace both in my stores and online. We certainly hope to be a BWT merchant at launch.”

Glenn Mason

Managing Director


“The Buy with Thrill’s concept is a very innovative approach to incentivising consumer sales and marketing. It builds on recent trends in social media, gamification and deal-based e-commerce. At the same time , it offers the potential for genuinely disruptive innovation across a range of retail markets, both online and offline. For investors interested in this space…”

John White,

Managing Director,


“Buy With Thrills Ltd brings a perfectly timed, disruptive and fresh multi-channel on and off-line retail innovation in sales and marketing.”

Val Gorsky

Buy With Thrills Ltd


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